Apologhi ed elogi (Italian Edition)

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Published by Bemporad, Firenze From: studio bibliografico pera s. About this Item: Bemporad, Firenze, Condition: discrete. Nuova edizione ampliata e riveduta. Prefazione di E. Manca la coperta. Da rilegare. Illustrazioni nel testo di Corrado Sarri.

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Proceed to Basket. View basket. Continue shopping. Apologhi You Searched For: Title: apologhi. United Kingdom. Search Within These Results:. Seller Image. Coop Cambiago, Italy Seller Rating:.

Apologhi ed elogi (Italian Edition)

Alberti,Leon Battista. Roma, Italy Seller Rating:.

Galvani J. Apologhi in volgare. Cento Apologhi Bolza G.

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Apologhi [Reprint] Francesco Gritti. Don't have an account? The purpose of this chapter is threefold: to a document the history of encomia of dogs in Greek and Latin rhetoric from the fourth century BCE to the fifteenth century CE; b analyze the three extant medieval and Renaissance encomia of dogs—those by Nikephoros Basilakes twelfth century, Greek , Theodorus Gaza fifteenth century, Greek , and Leon Battista Alberti fifteenth century, Latin —in the light of the rhetorical tradition; and c highlight the physical, mental, and moral attributes of dogs that these medieval and Renaissance writers found most worthy of praise.

Although no encomium of a dog is extant from Graeco-Roman antiquity, the theme is implicit in Aristotle, Lucian, and Basil. Three rhetoricians Quintilian, Menander Rhetor, and Aphthonius briefly discuss animals as possible subjects for encomia, but only Ps. It is not until the middle ages that we find an extant encomium of the dog. Nikephoros Basilakes twelfth century praises dogs for their service to their human masters as hunters, seeing-eye dogs, rescuers, protectors, companions, and faithful friends, illustrating his essay with references to famous ancient dogs.

The emigrant Byzantine humanist Theodorus Gaza fifteenth century does not closely follow ancient prescriptions for encomia, but instead illustrates a few key benefits of dogs with numerous examples drawn from a wide range of ancient authors. For Gaza, dogs are loving, kind, loyal, obedient, and brave in battle. He gives special emphasis to their usefulness in hunting and warfare. The Italian humanist Leon Battista Alberti fifteenth century was written as a funeral oration in honor of a favorite dog that had been poisoned.

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