The Turtle-Girl from East Pukapuka

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There, all will be reconnected in the afterlife with everyone they ever lost; except animals.

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  • This novel, while having a flashes of truly original, inspired, laugh out loud moments, felt in parts pushed to the limits of even any remote stretch of the imagination, leaving my suspended disbelief trodden on by large flipflops left to burn upon the hot sand! Brilliant writers who have preceded Alpaugh; Tom Robbins, Kurt Vonnegut, to name the two most obvious influences which came to mind while reading this novel, have covered this selfsame sandy ground effortlessly and with more substantive results.

    Plumbing deeper into characters' psyches, changes, and motives, all with much more effortlessness and a seamless grace throughout.

    Educating Beyond Violent Futures

    However, this being a sophomore effort, perhaps this writer need only to find his own more confident, distinctive voice to become a more powerful, original and truly distinctive voice, especially if he wishes to breathe new life into writing on the fine edge of the comic absurd and social satire. Jan 31, Gina rated it liked it Shelves: The sole-survivor of the natural disaster is year-old, Butter, who finds safety on the back of a sea turtle until a salvage boat appears.

    Halfway around the world Dante Wheeler is involved in a near death ski accident which results in a sudden fascination with island life. The story ended up being much more warped than I ever anticipated but the crazy circumstances worked well enough.

    Super Hammy Loves Cheese

    A flawed, but entertaining read I was ultimately okay with just being along for a funny twist-of-fate journey. Apr 20, Hua Lin rated it it was amazing.

    I reviewed an advanced copy of Mr. Alpaugh's second novel by request of the publisher. Heavily outfitted with wry humor and cutting sarcasm, this unique tale doesn't pause for a breath. You are swept into The Turtle-Girl from East Pukapuka with the same energy as the tsumani that sparks the critical events th I reviewed an advanced copy of Mr. You are swept into The Turtle-Girl from East Pukapuka with the same energy as the tsumani that sparks the critical events that lead the reader across the vast South Pacific and at breakneck speeds along a downhill race course, all headed to a place in the afterlife known as Happa Now.

    The Turtle-Girl from East Pukapuka by Cole Alpaugh - Book - Read Online

    Characters include a cocaine addicted god who is half-man, half-shark, an alpine ski racer with a head injury that could cause him to die at any moment, and a young island girl who is rescued from the ocean by a tug boat captain named Jesus who thinks he's reeling in the catch of a lifetime, an authentic Turtle-Girl.

    I truly loved this book as much as Mr. Alpaugh's The Bear in a Muddy Tutu. Jun 17, Regan Leigh rated it it was amazing. I am Cole's writing partner so I might be sort of biased. When an author writes this well, you may have trouble pulling out of his world before doing odd things like looking behind you for island cannibals.

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    The Turtle-Girl from East Pukapuka is a story of homecoming, whether it be for a young girl named Butter clinging to hope and the shell of a sea turtle, or a wounded ski racer longing to return to an island he has never visited. The island is heaven to Butter: The islanders named their babies after the authors or characters. Hence the old sea captain who rescues Butter is named Jesus. After Butter evades drowning by clinging to the shell of a turtle, Jesus mistakes her for a half-girl, half-turtle and imagines the riches that will reward his discovery.

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    She, in turn, mistakes him for a god named Jesus. Meanwhile, two small-time crooks accidentally become big-time pirates when the light from a meteor abets their robbery of a shipload of cocaine.


    Like a modern-day Vladimir and Estragon in Waiting for Godot , Ratu a kingly title and Jope urban slang for weed are friends of unequal intelligence waiting for the cannibals they have been warned by the shark god are coming to avenge the cocaine theft. Search for:.